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Call of the Wild Challenge – Grades 3 to 8

Have you heard of the classic story The Call of the Wild? A new movie version of the book is coming out on February 22, 2020. The movie trailer is posted below. The VRA challenge is to read the book and pass a quick quiz. Students who accomplish this goal will be given a Call of the Wild Brag tag and be entered into a contest for two tickets to see the movie. You can take the quiz in the media center. We have about 25 copies of the book in the library and a multi-user Ebook on MackinVia. Come check out yours and take the challenge. The Deadline for our contest is March 6. The winner will be announced on the morning news.

February Reading Challenge:

Do you like to read and check-out books? Are you a good guesser? Do you like chocolate? This month’s challenge is to guess how many Hershey’s Kisses and M & Ms are in the candy jar. In order to guess, you need to check-out a book. One guess per student. The student with the closest guess will win the treats. Everyone wins when they check-out a book.

November – Veterans Reading Challenge

We have so many awesome books in our VRA library that focus on Veterans, soldiers and times of war. Here’s the challenge:

-Come by the media center and check-out one of these special books, fiction or non-fiction.

-Read the book and then write a letter to a Veteran telling them about the book, thanking them for their service and wishing them a great holiday season. You can include Veterans Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas if you would like.

-Turn in your neatly written or typed letter to the media center and we will send these letters to local veterans. Please include your first name, last initial and your teacher’s name on the letter so that if your veteran is able to write back we can get the letter to you.

All who complete the Veterans Day reading challenge will receive a Veterans Day Dog tag and small prize for participating.

The deadline for completing the challenge is November 26, 2019. Turn your letters into the media center.

October – Two Sentence Scary Story Writing Contest Grades 3-8

We all love to hear SCARY stories and the media center would like to hear one from you! But only a short one. Come by the media center and to enter our 2 sentence scary story contest. Get a treat for entering. The best stories will be published online and displayed.

  • Write a TWO SENTENCE scary story. You may use Run-on sentences. Get Creative!
  • Entries must be original. Be careful not to plagiarize. We will check!
  • Submit your story on a 4×6 index card that you can get in the media center. Neat handwriting please. Write your name and grade level on the back of the card. Or enter on line at Scary Story.
  • Stories due October 30. Winners announced the October 31.

~story and contest credit to Florangela Caldren