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Session Dates
Session 1
June 14 – June 24

Session 2
June 28 – July 8

Getting your essay to your teacher

Once your complete your essay (Part 2 of 2). Scan your essay to your science teacher, who will complete your recommendation and forward to our office. 

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Program Cost:
The early registration cost of the two-week program is $425 if paid by 4/23/21; paid after $450. When your final application is received it MUST be notarized and returned with a minimum non-refundable deposit of $150, full balance paid by 5/10/21.
*Payments without a Notarized Application will not secure your child’s spot.

Coming Soon!

Personal Checks

Notice regarding payments to Marine Science Program via personal check: Checks MUST include your full name, street address, TWO phone numbers, and your driver’s license number.

*NO checks will be accepted after May 14, 2021!

(Parents MUST pay Envision for returned checks.)