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 2019 Spelling Bee at Gamble Rogers Middle School 
The Bee will be held on Monday, December 17, 2018 at 8:15 AM.

In an effort to provide the safest environment for all students, St. Johns County School District school visitor policy has changed. Anyone who wishes to participate in a school related activity (during school hours) MUST be approved by the school district PRIOR to the event. If you have not submitted the completed school access form application on-line, please do so by Thursday, December 13th. Without this pre-approval we cannot allow visitors to observe the spelling bee. 

The application can be found here:  https://www.stjohns.k12.fl.us/volunteer/

If you are an approved visitor and are able to attend, please arrive at GRMS early and stop by the front office to check in. 


GRMS Winter Exam Schedule 2018
Wednesday, Dec. 12th

Elective Courses Periods 1 – 3
Thursday, Dec. 13th
Elective Courses Periods 4 – 7

Friday, Dec. 14th
Math & Social Studies
Tuesday, Dec. 18th
Science & ELA
Wednesday, Dec. 19th
PE & H.S. Courses (Alg/Geom/Bio/Phys. Sc.)
Thursday, Dec. 20th
PE & H.S. Courses (Alg/Geom/Bio/Phys. Sc.)
Friday, Dec. 21st

Stingray Basketball Schedules

December BB Practice Schedule

January BB Schedule

February BB Schedule


Of the Year” Winners

TEACHER:  Mrs. Zapata

ROOKIE:  Ms. Bach

 EMPLOYEE:  Mrs. Brenda


After-school – 4:00PM

Wednesday, December 12th
Information Meeting, Audition Overview

Monday, December 17th

Tuesday, December 18th 

Wednesday, December 19th
Call Backs

2019 Washington, D.C. Trip
Please Read 

Important DC Trip Info

Parent Letter

Holiday Needed Food Items
Drop-off all food items to the front office.
Thank You!!!

Fast Food:
Please note that Gamble Rogers Middle School does not allow fast food or other special lunches to be delivered to students and eaten in the cafeteria.


Math Textbook Adoption Team Members Needed:
If you are a Business Partner, Community Member or Stingray Parent(s)and would like to serve on Math Textbook Adoption Committee, please contact Ms. Catuto @ 904-547-8700 or email.

For more information click here.


ATTENTION All Parents & Guardians of 8th Graders!
8th Grade Parent Yearbook Ad
Ads due by January 25th


Beginning Tuesday, September 4, 2018 the front doors of our school will be locked at 8:00am and remain so throughout the school day. To gain access to the school, we ask that you use the new doorbell/buzzer that is located to the right of the front door. To make this process smooth for everyone, we ask that you follow these steps:

1.    Ring the buzzer
2.    When prompted, display your photo ID so that it is easily seen by the camera above the buzzer
3.    When prompted, open the door and enter the school
We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and flexibility as we all adjust to this new procedure. Together we can maintain the safety of all our Stingrays!


2018-2019 Stingray Food Pantry Supporters!
Please help us continue our work of helping our students! If you would like to support our Food Pantry please give us a call at 904.547.8700. Food Items you may drop-off anytime in the front office.


Information Changes
It is imperative that parents call the school to change home phone numbers, cell numbers, work numbers and email addresses as soon as they are changed. In an emergency situation, it is difficult to contact parents when the information provided is not correct. Please contact Mrs. Delaney at [email protected]s with changes.

To view GRMS Weather Camera click the link below


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2018-2019 Valued Partners…Priceless Supporters!

To find out how YOU can become a partner click here.




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We truly appreciate your support and hope that our Stingray Families recognize your commitment to the school and community and support you and/or your businesses as well! Thank You!!!

 The Blanco Family


Notice regarding payments to GRMS via personal check: Checks MUST include your full name, street address, TWO phone numbers, and your driver’s license number.
Parent Informative Letter Link.