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School Advisory Council (SAC)

Gamble Rogers Middle School Advisory Council

What is the School Advisory Council?

A SAC team by Florida law is comprised of the Principal, teachers, support staff, business/community members and parents. All members are elected by the group before the first meeting. SAC meets nine times a year as prescribed by our by laws. Members are encouraged to bring forth issues and offer solutions to help the school. SAC also makes decisions on teacher’s requests of use of funds. SAC can offer funds to teachers who want to attend training or workshops.

All SAC meetings are always open to the public.
Welcome to GRMS SAC Committee! Parents and members of our community is encouraged to join our School Advisory Council. It’s a great way to hear about school happenings and build relationships with our parent and community partners.

For more information about GRMS School Advisory Council, please contact the SAC Chairperson, Tracy Melgard at [email protected] or 904-547-0816.

All 20-21 SAC meetings will be in Microsoft Teams from 3:00pm – 4:00pm unless otherwise stated. 

Date & Time
9/29 – 3 – 4pm
10/20 – 3 – 4pm
11/17 – 3 – 4pm
12/15 – 3 – 4pm
1/19 – 3 – 4pm
2/16 – 3 – 4pm
4/20 – 3 – 4pm
5/18 – 3 – 4pm

What is the School Improvement Plan?
Every school in the state of Florida is required to develop a School Improvement Plan. Each year our staff and SAC review all relevant data, which includes but is not limited to: state assessment data, progress monitoring, locally developed test scores, needs assessments, attendance records, discipline records, and other feedback as appropriate. From this data, we update our comprehensive plan with strategies for improvement.

2020-2021 SAC Members

Greg Bergamasco
Tracy Melgard

Business/Community Representative
Alexandra Phillips – Southeast Branch Library
Theresa Lennon – Ameris Bank
Lisa Urban – Leonard’s Studios

School Board/District Representative
Bill Mignon – School Board
Denise Sumerix – District Representative

Cynthia Fardella-Baltera
Ashley Denman
Lina Feaster
Jenny Holbrook
Angela Johnson
Sandra Lepore
Kimberly McManus
Lindsay Miller
Carolina Morrow
Nicole Saullo
Carolyn Smallwood

Lauren Calabrase
Ashley Demaio
Sonya Garner
Lou Greco
Liz Heffner
Kate Masters
Dawn Wynn