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*Cafeteria Manager Lisa Kilbride*
Phone: 904-547-8709        Email: [email protected]

Meal Prices

  Breakfast Reduced Breakfast Lunch Reduced Lunch
Elementary $1.25 $ .30 $2.55 $ .40
Middle $1.25 $ .30 $2.85 $ .40
High $1.25 $ .30 $2.75 $ .40

Many of the schools provide extra Ala Carte items, such as ice cream, baked chips, water, fruit juice in addition to many specialty items.
These items range in price from $.40 to $1.50.

Pop Tart    $.75        Big Cookie  $.70
Rice Krispie Treat $.75         Ice Cream $1.00
Welch’s Fruit Snack $.85       Izzie Drink
10oz. Juices $1.50        20 oz. Water

All entries sold separate from a meal will cost $2.10

PayPAMS was designed to provide parents with a safe and convenient way to prepay for student’s meals online. Parents can set up automatic payment plans, view balances and account history, and receive automated notification on balance status.

~ For more detailed information click here
~ Para información de PayPams en chasquido español aquí

Visit the PayPams website to set up an account for your child.