GRMS Testing Information

GRMS Spring District Testing Schedule 2019

District Exams

  • Monday         April 15              Period 1 and Period 2
  • Tuesday         April 16              Period 3 and Period 4
  • Wednesday    April 17              Period 5
  • Thursday        April 18              Period 6 and Period 7

**Special Schedule each day, lunch outlined in each day’s schedule**


GRMS Spring State Testing Schedule 2019


FSA Writes

  • Tuesday April 2   Writes 6            A-6 B-7 C-8
  • Thursday April 4  Writes 7            A-7 B-8 C-6
  • Friday April 5       Writes 8            A-8 B-6 C-7


State Exams

  Day                     Date                   Exam                                                                            Lunches

  • Wednesday May 1                   Biology EOC                                                                 Regular Lunch
  • Thursday*    May 2                  ELA 6 Session 1 and Civics (groups 1-9)                       Regular Lunch
  • Friday *        May 3                  ELA 6 Session 2 and Civics (groups 10-15)                   Regular Lunch


  • Monday*      May 6                  Math 6 Session 1 and Alg/Geom Session 1                 Regular lunch
  • Tuesday*      May 7                  Math 6 Session 2 & 3 and Alg/Geom Session 2           A-7 B-6 C-8*
  • Wednesday  May 8                  Math 7 Session 1                                                           A-6 B-7 C-8
  • Thursday*    May 9                  Math 7 Session 2 & 3 and Science 8                             A-7 B-6 C-8*
  • Friday           May 10                ELA 7 Session 1                                                             A-7 B-8 C-6


  • Monday       May 13               ELA 7 Session 2                                                           A-7 B-8 C-6
  • Tuesday       May 14               ELA 8 Session 1                                                           A-8 B-6 C-7
  • Wednesday May 15               ELA 8 Sessions 2                                                          A-7 B-8 C-6*
  • Thursday     May 16               Math 8 Session 1                                                         A-8 B-6 C-7
  • Friday          May 17               Math 8 Session 2 & 3                                                  A-8 B-6 C-7

*Multiple grade levels are testing on these days

GRMS Parent Testing Letters 2019

Biology Parent Letter

FCAT Science 8 Parent Letter

Civics Parent Letter

Paper Pencil FSA Parent Letter for 6th grade students

CBT FSA Parent Letter for 7th and 8th grade students

GRMS 2019 Testing Information by grade level

Testing schedule by grade level

Yearlong view of our testing schedule 

The calendar below shows the different tests your student will be taking throughout the year along with the testing windows that are determined by the state and the district.  A more date specific calendar of our state testing will be posted soon.

GRMS Testing Overview Calendar WEBSITE

If you have any questions please contact Renee Downey @ 547-8714 or email [email protected]

GRMS PSAT 8/9 2017

The PSAT 8/9 scores are in and have been given to your student through their math classes!

The cost is $10.  The test is a high school/college readiness test that is aimed towards GRMS 7th and 8th graders in one or more high school courses and/or our AVID program.  Please see the the links below for additional information.

To sign up students turn in a check or cash in an envelope with the student name and homeroom teacher name enclosed.  Money can be turned into their math teacher or Mrs. Downey (office by the cafeteria.)  This is a first come first serve test and we have 80 slots available.

PSAT Flyer 2017 – GRMS Information

PSAT 8 9 Preparation Information- General Information (timing, number of questions, topics, etc…)

PSAT 8 9 Quick Glance – Overview of the test and it’s purpose