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GRMS Testing Information

SJCSD COVID-19 Extended School Closure Guidance Secondary (revised April 19, 2020)
Secondary Parent Guide for Exams, Grading, Promotion & Graduation St. Johns County School District’s instructional continuity response to COVID-19 has been a tremendous effort by our entire community. Thank you for doing your part to ensure that students are in the best position possible to continue academic growth at their highest levels. We will exercise care and compassion to make decisions that are best for students as we implement necessary changes in policy and procedures.
Secondary Grading Guide
 Teachers will score assignments and provide feedback to students on a weekly basis
 Students are accountable for engagement, participation, and completion of assignments
Secondary (Grades 6-12) Exams
All State End-of-Course Exams and the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) requirements for 2019-2020 have been cancelled. Second semester final exams are also cancelled.
Interim Grades
o Interim grades will be issued as usual (numeric value).
4th quarter grades
o For students in grades 6-12, fourth quarter assignment and assessment scores will be placed in the formative category of the gradebook.
Final grades
o The final grade on a year-long course with a State End of Course Exam will be calculated giving equal weight to each quarter.
o The final grade for a 2nd semester course (non-State EOC course) will be calculated through averaging the 3rd and the 4th quarter grades.
Promotion 6-8
Promotion requirements for middle school students remain unchanged and are based on our Student Progression Plan.